Dream Spotlight

Wyatt from our Rochester chapter was able to live his dream of being a chef for a day. He was made an honorary Wegmans employee, was given a personalized uniform, and was able to help the chefs in the bakery. He received a private tour of the bakery and even got to teach a pâtisserie class and make treats! Click here to view previously-granted dreams.

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Featured Chapters

Central Missouri Chapter

On a record-setting night, our Central Missouri Chapter easily surpassed their fundraising goal on April 10 at the 7th Annual Poker Tournament. It continues to be one of more successful fundraisers of the year. They’re excited to use this money to grant more dreams!


Rochester Chapter

The Rochester Chapter has been on of our most consistent chapters. Shaun’s dream came true when he was able to be a firefighter for a day; an example of one of many dreams Rochester has granted this year. Rochester does amazing things!


Kansas City Chapter

Kansas City has been very active during the last few years, generating multiple dreams. With 78 completed dreams last year, they granted the most from all of our chapters across the country. Congratulations Kansas City!