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Dream Spotlight

We were excited to participate in mAAgic Flight again in 2014 with 12 families departing for Orlando on Sept. 26 in what was truly a dream come true! They stayed at the Give Kids The World village and visited theme parks for seven days. Kaden, from our Arizona Chapter, is shown with his family and volunteers who helped make that first day very special.



Featured Chapters
The Dream Factory and Champions Nationals are rolling out the “DREAM TEAMS” campaign – teaming up girls softball with Dream Factory chapters to make a difference in a child’s life.

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Kansas City Chapter picture

Kansas City Chapter

One of our largest and well-managed chapters within The Dream Factory, Kansas City granted 78 dream during the past year. This was the most out of all of our chapters. Actually, Kansas City has been at the top of the list the previous three years.

Lexi, Penn Atlantis Dream

Penn. Chapter

Our Pennsylvania Chapter is one of our newest ones but they hit the ground running last year when they sent Lexi and her family to the Atlantis Bahamas where they swam with the dolphins and went on a horseback riding tour. Welcome Pennsylvania!

Lexington Chapter

Lexington Chapter

Our Lexington Chapter is one of our largest chapters within The Dream Factory and are responsible for making numerous dreams come true, including those unique dreams like Wheel of Fortune. Thanks, Lexington!