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Dream Spotlight

Congratulations to The Dream Factory of Southeast Missouri for granting their first dream! Keaton and his family left June 30th for a week of fun in Gatlinburg, TN. Keaton’s dream kicked off early with a surprise visit from the Scott County Sheriff’s Department. Keaton was given a special deputy t-shirt with his name on it, allowed to handcuff his cousin, checked out all the

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Featured Chapters
The Dream Factory and Champions Nationals are rolling out the “DREAM TEAMS” campaign – teaming up girls softball with Dream Factory chapters to make a difference in a child’s life.

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Lexi, Penn Atlantis Dream

Penn. Chapter

Our Pennsylvania Chapter is one of our newest ones but they hit the ground running in December when they sent Lexi and her family to the Atlantis Bahamas where they swam with the dolphins and went on a horseback riding tour. And dream #2 is already in the works. Welcome Pennsylvania!

Lexington Chapter

Lexington Chapter

Our Lexington Chapter is one of our largest chapters within The Dream Factory and are responsible for making numerous dreams come true, including those unique dreams like Wheel of Fortune. Thanks, Lexington!

Central New York

Central New York Chapter

Our Central New York Chapter sent a little girl to meet Hilary Duff. Central New York continues to make dreams come true for The Dream Factory! Make sure to check them out.