Dream Factory Inc.


The Dream Factory Foundation

The Dream Factory Foundation, Inc. was formed in September 2014, as a public foundation, established exclusively for the purpose of supporting the programs and mission of The Dream Factory, Inc. and its local chapters.

The Foundation will work to raise monies and awareness of the mission of The Dream Factory by:

  1. Procuring planned giving and endowment funds
  2. Receiving property by gift or bequest, investing and reinvesting the same
  3. Developing cause related co-venture programs and fundraising initiatives
  4. Forming and funding new corporate partner relationships
  5. Applying for grants to obtain public or private donations

The Foundation shall engage in such fundraising activities as are determined by the Foundation’s Board of Directors to be appropriate. In the event a prospective donor desire to make a donation to the Foundation which is subject to certain restrictions or specific uses, the Directors may reject or accept such donation on terms acceptable to the Directors.

Investments and donated income and/or materials, will periodically be distributed to The Dream Factory, Inc. or any of its local chapters, to help fund their charitable programs and services.

The Dream Factory Foundation, Inc. looks forward to supporting and growing the mission of The Dream Factory, Inc. and its local chapters.
CONTACT US: For additional information, please contact us at:

email: info@dreamfactoryfoundationinc.org
phone: 502-931-3740
website: www.dreamfactoryfoundationinc.org