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National Ambassadors

In 2016 Joshua Albir, started Psycho Turtle in hopes providing the best customer service and interaction possible. It all started from the trunk of his car and the garage of his home fulfilling online orders and providing amazing customer service. Shortly after venturing in into the “hobby” business, he met a small time Youtuber by the name of “Hardcorllector”. Together Hardcorlletor and Joshua have grown to be best of friends and business partners. They have taken the collectible industry by the horns and shown the world that it belongs to everyone, and that every moment and every booster pack that you open with friends and family is a memory that will forever be remembered with a smile. Through hardships, personal loses, and tribulations, their friendship has blossomed into the perfect partnership. Every day they strive to bring family and friends together by spending time together playing trading card games and board games. The opening of a brick-and-mortar store marks a new beginning in their quest to show the world that fun can bring everyone together.

Joshua and HardCorllector ( have always wanted to use their passions to make a difference and because of a Dream they are working with the Dream Factory to do just that. The pair was contacted about making the dream of an ill child come true – he wanted to meet his YouTube heroes! Not only did they make the dream come true, but they signed on to be National Ambassadors to make more dreams come true across the country and to raise awareness.

To get your own limited edition collectors pin and to find out more about this partnership click HERE.

Recording Artist, Songwriter, Musician and Actor Dalton Cyr became a National Ambassador in 2013 at the age of 13.  Approached by Dream Factory National Board Member Laura Walitsky with the idea while he was in New York during an East Coast tour, Walitsky said, “As a teenager who is overcoming obstacles to beat the odds and make his dreams come true, we believe Dalton has a perspective that will enable him to relate to sick children who face challenges every day and persevere. We are seeking respected, influential, members of our society to help promote our organization and demonstrate to these kids that they can dream big and that dreams can come true. We believe Dalton fits that bill.”

A prolific songwriter, Cyr had written over 100 songs, recording more than 30 of them, had his songs featured in a feature film and was named “one of the most promising upcoming songwriters in the world” by industry talent scouts, all by the time he was 16 years old.

A high energy performer who instantly captivates audiences with his powerful guitar, intense vocal delivery and lively stage show, Cyr began touring when he was 12 years old and has performed as an opening act and as a headliner at amphitheaters, coliseums, festivals, and fairs throughout the U.S. and has performed live in front of audiences as large as 50,000+ with fans in 191 countries around the world. In 2015, he was inducted into Robert M Knight’s The Brotherhood of the Guitar which is centered on upcoming guitarists who are predicted to be the guitar legends of tomorrow.

As an actor, Cyr starred as the lead “Judd” in Amazon Studio’s music-driven sitcom, “A History of Radness” written and executive produced by “Hannah Montana’s” Andrew Green and as Holden in the movie, “Time Toys” directed by Mark Rosman (“A Cinderella Story”, “The Perfect Man”). He also has a recurring role in FreeForm’s (formerly ABC Family) hit show “Pretty Little Liars”. He was nominated for two awards, winning in one category, at the Young Artist Awards (Hollywood’s answer to the Academy Awards for actors under 21).

As a National Ambassador, Cyr has appeared multiple times on local TV talk shows, Radio shows, and in numerous publications across the U.S. speaking about The Dream Factory and bringing awareness to the cause. He has also done concerts for The Dream Factory fundraising events, performances at hospitals and special appearances for Dream Factory volunteers and Dream Factory recipients. In 2015, Cyr received the Presidential Award for his work with The Dream Factory.

“I’m very honored and proud to represent The Dream Factory,” Cyr said. “Through my performances, I’ve met kids who work so hard just to survive. They inspire me. As a National Ambassador, I hope to help make more dreams come true and inspire people to start Dream Factory chapters when there isn’t one in their city or join in helping existing chapters.”

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NASCAR driver, Alex Kennedy learned about The Dream Factory from one of his media/marketing friends several years ago. He was intrigued with the idea of helping kids through his racing and The Dream Factory seemed like the perfect fit. Alex believes he has been blessed in his life and wants to do what he can to make other children’s dreams come true.

Alex has worked his way up through racing, starting with Motorcross at the age of 8, then to Legends at the age of 12, and eventually NASCAR’s Nationwide Series where he led the field for six laps at Watkins Glen in 2012. Alex’s first Sprint Cup Race will be Sunday, June 23 in Sonoma, CA.

Since learning about The Dream Factory, his cars have sported the Dream Factory logo. As a National Ambassador and 2010 winner of The Dream Factory’s Presidential Award, we know Alex has the skills, the talent, the crew, the family, and the support of friends and fans, including The Dream Factory, to accomplish great things at his upcoming races. As he helps make dreams come true for our organization, we hope all his dreams come true on the race track.

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