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Haven's Candies announces the "Making Dreams Come True One Candy Cane at a Time" event to benefit The Dream Factory of Maine.

The Covid-19 Crisis might have cancelled our annual Make Your Own Candy Cane event, but it did not stop Haven’s from coming up with a way to support the Dream Factory.  They are donating a portion of each candy cane sale to the Dream Factory throughout the holiday season, plus holding a “Golden Ticket” raffle where the winner gets a tour of the candy factory and then fills a wicker basket full of Haven’s  candies! For  Golden Tickets visit one of the two Haven’s locations in Westbrook and Portland or email us (mail icon above) or call us at 207.591.7012.    

 Here is the information on the event:

Dream Factory of Maine has canceled 2020 planned fundraisers due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The Dream Factory has cancelled our Annual Golf Tournament scheduled to be held on September 28th.

Also, due to limits on indoor events, The Haven’s Make your Own Candy Cane event, scheduled for November 28th has been cancelled.

Until such time as we are able to hold in-person fundraising events, The Dream Factory will be holding several social media fundraising campaigns to help fund our pending dreams. (see News below)


We Need Your Help

We have been granting dreams in Maine to critically and chronically ill children between the ages of 3 -18, since 1980. The Dream Factory is an all non-profit, grassroots, organization where 96.1% of all money raised is used to grant dreams to children right here in Maine. Due to unprecedented times with COVID-19,
we had no choice but to call 11 families to sadly tell them that we were putting their children’s dreams on hold this year. In March we had several trips already planned and were actually days away from sending four families on their dream vacations.

We also had to make the difficult decision to cancel several of our key fundraising activities where we would normally raise the necessary funds to grant the dreams for these 11 kids. It was the right decision in order to keep everyone safe. However, without our typical fundraising efforts, we will not have the required funds to resume granting dreams when we emerge from the pandemic. That’s where we need your help! Please consider helping us give the gift of joy to these critically and chronically ill kids by donating the money needed to grant dreams. At the risk of tugging at your ‘heart strings’, review their stories below and get to know some of these amazing kids. Please join us in putting smiles on their faces! Every dollar adds up.

Meet A Few Of Our Dream Kids

My name is  Sammy, and swimming is my favorite activity in the world! If water is nearby, I want to be in it. I have Angelman’s syndrome. This affects my ability to communicate and walk without assistance among other things. I also have scoliosis which makes it hard to exercise. Swimming, however, allows me to move freely and get the exercise I need. My dream is to have a pool of my own where I can swim daily during the hot summer months. My parents would also love to see me get more exercise! My mom applied to the Dream Factory on my behalf, and they have been awesome! They came to dinner to meet me and are super nice. Thanks to the Dream Factory, it may be possible to swim at home whenever I want!

Hello, my name is Lydia. I am 10 years old and I live in Brewer, ME. I have a rare connective tissue disorder that effects each system in my body. My connective tissue disorder causes my joints to slip out of place and causes chronic pain. I have had two surgeries to correct bone abnormalities and I have two more orthopedic surgeries in the near future. I also have a related illness called Dysautonomic orthostatic tachycardic syndrome. This illness effects my heart and autonomic system. The things that a person’s body does involuntarily, my body has a hard time regulating. Despite my medical issues, I enjoy doing many things, painting, playing games, swimming, dancing, and spending time with my dog, my family and friends. I have always wanted to go to Disney World and go to the water parks! I also would love to meet my favorite princess, Princess Jazmine! Thank you for making my dreams come true!

Right before school started, we were so lucky to be able to grant Connor a COVID-friendly fabulous online shopping trip and pizza party for his family and friends. His online shopping cart is full of computer supplies to build a customize gaming station, including all the latest and greatest games, and a comfortable set up so he and his brother and friends can all hang out together. Connor lives with and fights every day against Chiari Malformation, Connective Tissue Disorder, Craniocervical Instability. What a great family and check out the dog who he even sported a medium sized dream shirt!

To donate to our dreams, please send a check to the Dream Factory, P.O. Box 702, Gorham, Me. 04038,
or donate on-line with button below: